We Have the Barn Boots, Now We Just Need the Barn

We are a couple of urban farmers who want to be just, well, Farmers.

There are lots of reasons why we want a farm. Here are five of them:

ACK! ACK, Ack, ack, ack.

FYI, ducks are loud. Very, very loud. All. The. Time. And also are absolutely phenomenal at making mud.

I made a joke the other day that we already have barn boots, now we just need the barn.


(The day I bought these, I took this picture to show my mom my “super pretty new barn boots!” That was the last day that they weren’t covered in mud. And also the first day that I realized I should have bought the plainer, and more importantly, taller, non-floral-covered boots to be able to properly slog through the muddy, muddy mess the ducks have made of the backyard.)

That joke really sums up where we are right now. We have learned so many fun and interesting skills that we’d like to expand upon, but we’ve outgrown this place. We’ve got the canning equipment but no place for the finished canned goods. Awesome cooking skills but with most of our pots, pans, and pantry in the guest room because the kitchen is too small. A love of entertaining but a teeny living room that’s also packed to the ceiling with books, yarn, spinning wheel, two dogs, and at one point, even a duck brooder. And did I mention that I ran out of useable gardening space four years ago?

We are really, really ready to be Farmers.

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