Sixth Duck Egg!

Today, we got our sixth duck egg! šŸ˜€ Woohoo!!

If something that came out of a bird’s butt doesn’t seem all that post-worthy, just look how excited we were when Marcus found the First Egg:

First Duck Egg!

I cannot even describe how excited we were! We were telling everyone! (Well, I was. For some reason, Marcus didn’t think that a Very Important Meeting with top Visa executives was the proper place to start announcing that one our of ducks had laid her first egg. He obviously has no sense of what truly matters in life!) Also, when we were telling our farmers market friends about our Big News, I was so excited that apparently at least one of them thought I had, erm, “bigger” news than that. Nope, sorry. šŸ˜‰

Marcus lets the ducks out every morning so he’s the one who found the First Egg on February 9, 2017, when the ducks were six month plus one day old. It was even laid in the nesting box, just like it was supposed to be!


It’s the brown-er one on the right.

I’ve been dutifully changing the straw and replacing the dummy eggs that our friend Patrick turned for us on Marcus’s lathe. The dummy eggs are supposed to let the ducks know that it’s a good, safe place for them to lay their eggs because, hey, look, some other duck has already laid some here! (Or, somebody has read the internet and learned how to trick, I mean “encourage” ducks into not turning egg gathering into a daily Easter egg hunt.)

I tried to get Marcus to take the morning off and we could have pancakes made with the Very First Duck Egg!!! but he said he had Very Important Meetings. (And therefore has no sense of priorities – after all, meetings happen everyday, but the Very First Duck Egg happens only once in a lifetime!)

Imagine my shock when I went out to give the ducks some treats – after all, one of them had really earned some – and found a SECOND DUCK EGG!

First and second duck eggs

You can tell that the first egg (on the left) was laid not long after the ducks were playing in the mud because it is a lot dirtier than the second one.

At first, we weren’t sure if it was just one duck laying or two ducks laying every other day, but now we’re pretty sure that just the Welsh Harlequin was laying and had probably laid the first egg the day before and I just hadn’t seen it. After finding those first two eggs on Thursday, there was a new egg in the nesting box on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. However, and this is how we discovered that Welshie was the one laying the eggs, no more eggs after that because Sunday night Marcus held Welshie for me while I worked on her feet for a while. She has a mild case of bumblefoot so I’ve been spraying it with Vetericyn periodically scraping it out with a very sharp pair of tweezers. Apparently, this really stressed her out and upset her, enough so that she stopped laying, which is very normal for poultry to do when stressed out. So no more eggs, until today!

SIXTH duck egg!

Seriously, some people want to wake up to breakfast in bed, or flowers, or a magically cleaned house, but me – I get super excited about a freshly laid duck egg. šŸ˜€

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