Two eggs a day!

Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday we’ve been getting two eggs from the ducks. Hurray!! Yesterday however, Marcus found only one egg so I thought I’d look around and see if I could find the second one. Here’s what I found:

Very naughty ducks!

Very naughty ducks! Straw everywhere!

A while ago, I added two small plastic tables inside the duck house, partly because even in their house, I’ve noticed that the ducks like to sleep or hang out under something (probably has something to do with the fact that pretty much everything thinks duck is very tasty so ducks feel safer underneath something) and partly to have a place inside their house to store their straw. Apparently the newest egg layer has decided that it’s also a good place to lay her egg, because after moving all the straw the ducks pulled down, I found that day’s second egg underneath it, lightly buried in the straw.


Best kind of treasure hunt!

Today’s second egg was laid in the same spot, though this time she (probably the Buff with the orange-er bill) hollowed out a nice bowl-shaped depression instead of burying the egg in the straw.

While I’m very pleased that the two laying ducks are laying in consistent spots, I’d rather they weren’t laying in a spot where they also sleep, aka, poop. I’ve ordered a second nesting box, which is actually just a litter box! It’s the Iris open top from Amazon and works just perfectly for my girls and is really cheap – I think I paid around $5.50 for the first one a few months ago and the price has gone up to a whopping $6.19 when I ordered the second one this past weekend.

While I’m posting pictures of the duck house, here is the other side:


There’s the rest of the straw that I moved. I really don’t know why I bother, however, since the ducks can jump-flap up onto that table too. (Sigh.) Ah, well, gives them something to do, right?

And the outside:

Duck house

The “ramp” (leftover piece of plywood) gets moved to the fence and the ramp-door (which I do not like at all!) gets closed up and locked every night.

There are lots of things I would change about the way we designed the duck house, but after all, part of why I wanted ducks now instead of waiting until we were on a farm was so we could learn be much better prepared.

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