Prepping the House: Living Room

I’m at my Mom’s house for the weekend while Marcus is tearing out the shower and toilet from our bathroom (and hopefully installing new ones!) so here is a blog post from February that got lost somehow. 

Marcus has been working hard on the living room. Half of it is finished except for the new trim for around the doors.


Poor guy, he has had been doing a lot of work, especially since before he can start any task, all the living room furniture that we couldn’t temporarily relocate to another room (like the super heavy tv stand or the couch) has to be covered with old sheets (at least now I feel justified for saving them for all these years – just in case 😉 ) or moved to other side of the room. And if he won’t be able to get back to working in the living room for a few days, then all the furniture has to be uncovered and/or moved back.

No wonder he’s tired!

Lots of tired Yorkies!

Marcus napping with the dogs after a long day of hard work. The dogs worked hard too, I’m sure.