The Water is Always Wetter on the Other Side of the Fence

I wrote this post last month but somehow forgot to publish it. Sorry about that! 

On Tuesday’s, Marcus meets with a gym trainer so I’m the one to get the ducks up and collect eggs. This morning, there were only two eggs (one in the new nesting box and one under the large table). All the ducks got a Foot Check yesterday and apparently it stresses out one of them enough to not lay an egg. “Limping Buff” (who our neighbor Peggy tells me is named “Buffington”) managed to jump out of my arms while I was trying to check a small spot of bumblefoot on her right foot, so maybe it was her? Either way, immediately after my enthusiastic “Three Eggs a Day!” post, the ducks decide to only lay two. 😉

Most of the ducks got a spray of Blu Kote (purchased for $5.99 from this eBay seller ) even if the bumblefoot looked cleared up or their feet looked odd in any way, just in case. Welshie and “Limping Buff” were the only ones who had bumblefoot anyway and very mild cases at that. Previously I had been spraying their feet with Vetericyn but that didn’t really seem to be doing much. (Besides annoying the ducks, of course, since they don’t really enjoy being caught, flipped on their backs and pinned with one arm while I do weird things to their feet with the other. I do always give them meal worms afterwards though, to apologize.)

While I was out with the ducks this morning, I took a video of them taking a bath. But despite the clean, fresh water I had just given them, they kept stopping to look longingly out at all the lovely mud and huge puddles out in the yard, just waiting to be splashed in. Sigh. I guess the water is always wetter on the other side. 😉

After they finished getting clean, I let them run around in the yard. The silly things are always so very excited to splash around in the puddles! When I put them back in their pen, they looked like they had been rolling in mud! Which of course meant that they all had to take another bath. 😉

Naughty Cayuga

One of our Cayuga ducks has developed a bit of white coloring on her shoulders so it is now much easier to tell the two Cayugas apart. That means that I’m pretty sure that we just one very naughty Cayuga, not two, though both of them are the bored-est and therefore loudest of the ducks.

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Henry’s Progess


Henry has now been interacting with the girls unsupervised. Except for the very first time where there was a decent amount of nipping and biting, especially between him and one of the Cayugas, everyone has been very polite with each other. The girls always stay pretty close together, even before Henry, and Henry just follows the group around. He bathes a lot so that’s a good sign of healthy, happy duck. He sticks up his feathered little butt quite a bit while bathing, so I wonder if he is used to a bigger bathing area than a 9-gallon pool?

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Three Eggs a Day!

Today is the ninth day in a row that we’ve been getting three eggs from the ducks! So very exciting! Marcus is the one to collect them since usually he’s the one who gets them up each morning and I always require a report of where he found the eggs and I’m proud to say that they are usually laid in their nesting boxes! I had heard so many conflicting stories about whether or not ducks would use nesting boxes so I am extremely pleased that the ducks are laying in the same places.

The eggs are coming from the Welsh Harlequin (the patterned one) and the Buffs (the blonde ones. The Cayugas are supposed to lay black eggs at first and all the eggs so far have been white – lazy Cayugas!

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Sixth Duck Egg!

Today, we got our sixth duck egg! 😀 Woohoo!!

If something that came out of a bird’s butt doesn’t seem all that post-worthy, just look how excited we were when Marcus found the First Egg:

First Duck Egg!

I cannot even describe how excited we were! We were telling everyone! (Well, I was. For some reason, Marcus didn’t think that a Very Important Meeting with top Visa executives was the proper place to start announcing that one our of ducks had laid her first egg. He obviously has no sense of what truly matters in life!) Also, when we were telling our farmers market friends about our Big News, I was so excited that apparently at least one of them thought I had, erm, “bigger” news than that. Nope, sorry. 😉

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