Three Eggs a Day!

Today is the ninth day in a row that we’ve been getting three eggs from the ducks! So very exciting! Marcus is the one to collect them since usually he’s the one who gets them up each morning and I always require a report of where he found the eggs and I’m proud to say that they are usually laid in their nesting boxes! I had heard so many conflicting stories about whether or not ducks would use nesting boxes so I am extremely pleased that the ducks are laying in the same places.

The eggs are coming from the Welsh Harlequin (the patterned one) and the Buffs (the blonde ones. The Cayugas are supposed to lay black eggs at first and all the eggs so far have been white – lazy Cayugas!

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Sixth Duck Egg!

Today, we got our sixth duck egg! 😀 Woohoo!!

If something that came out of a bird’s butt doesn’t seem all that post-worthy, just look how excited we were when Marcus found the First Egg:

First Duck Egg!

I cannot even describe how excited we were! We were telling everyone! (Well, I was. For some reason, Marcus didn’t think that a Very Important Meeting with top Visa executives was the proper place to start announcing that one our of ducks had laid her first egg. He obviously has no sense of what truly matters in life!) Also, when we were telling our farmers market friends about our Big News, I was so excited that apparently at least one of them thought I had, erm, “bigger” news than that. Nope, sorry. 😉

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